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4 Signs it’s time to move to a new build home

Who says new builds don’t have character? Well, that’s certainly not true of our properties, which are all lovingly designed to match the style of existing properties in the areas in which we build.

Sure, our properties don’t have the age and history to them perhaps that a Victorian Terraced home might, but they also don’t have the problems or the expense! New build properties are a way to find stress-free property ownership and make your financial expenditure on your home a lot more predictable. If your home is making you have nightmares, it’s probably time to move, here are five signs that moving to a new build home is right for you…

Everything needs updating in your house            

Most interior decoration has a lifespan, particularly carpets, walls and kitchens. Carpets generally have a life of about 5 years, depending on the original quality and how well they’re looked after. If you splashed out and carpeted your hall, stairs and living room all at the same time 5 years ago, you’ll probably find that all the same rooms need a refresh, and this can cost thousands if you have a large floor area or expensive taste. But how do you choose between a new kitchen and new carpets? If you haven’t updated your kitchen for 5 years either, you probably feel that it’s now outdated and unfashionable. And now the paint on the walls is looking a little scruffy too; start making a list and before you know it you’ve got a full-on renovation project on your mind. Move into a new build property and everything will be completely fresh, new and high quality with nothing for you to do for years, and no need to re-mortgage to fund the renovations!

Your gas and electricity bills are huge

If it’s costing you heaps to heat your home and you’re finding lighting is bringing you frightening electricity bills, then you have a few choices. You can install new thermostats to control with your phone, at a cost of several hundred pounds, and you could consider changing all of your light fittings in your house to LED, at a cost of likely several thousand pounds once you’ve employed a certified electrician, you could even need a rewire to support the new fittings. However, move into a new eco-friendly new build home and you’ll have everything in place to save your money and the earth. New builds have very economical heating systems normally on a room by room basis, may even have solar panels to heat the hot water and will certainly have energy saving light fittings.

You’ve lost all your kerb appeal thanks to your neighbours

You can’t choose your neighbours, and each family looks after their home in whichever way they see fit. Unfortunately, if you live in a row of older homes, this can mean that properties are left unkempt and run down as they age, with overgrown gardens, blown rendering, dirty exterior paint and missing tiles. Our new build properties are all part of their own separate developments that are built with low-level maintenance in mind. With landscaped gardens, hardwearing brick and render, self-cleaning paints and exteriors and even self-cleaning windows, you’ll have a home you’ll be proud to drive up to at the end of each day.

You’ve insured anything and everything for fear of breakdown

If you’re forward-thinking you’ve probably got boiler breakdown cover, cooker breakdown cover, window insurance, pay a little extra on your insurance because you have the wrong type of door lock and have a watertight water damage clause in your policy for fear of a leaking rook or burst pipes. Ditch your property anxiety and move into a regulated builder’s new development that will be free from issues and build to the highest standard with new boiler, roof, pipes, windows and all the warranties to go with them.

To find out more about the opportunities we have to own a low-maintenance, eco-friendly new build property in one of our developments, please visit our New Homes page.

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