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Why a new build house is perfect for first-time buyers: “we have completely reversed our opinion”

We recently completed on one of our Mallard house types at Quiet Waters, Angmering. A superbly presented three-bed terraced home with a designer kitchen, Bathroom and en-suite along with beautiful outdoor space.

At Gold Property, we ensure that we follow-up with our new homeowners and really understand their perspective in order to help guide our future developments and marketing.

We recently had the opportunity to speak to the new homeowners and one thing that struck us was that they initially “dismissed the idea of a new build as [we] thought it would not have character or soul.”

This was an interesting perspective, because a new build is perfect for first-time buyers.

Here are five reasons why:

1.     It’s new!

Yes, believe it or not, a new build property is new, and with that, the property will have less wear and tear.

Whenever you buy something second hand, it is unlikely to be perfect, with a few nicks and scratches at best, or at worst broken or damaged parts. While secondhand items are likely to be cheaper, this is not the case in the property world.

With money likely to be tight for first-time buyers, you don’t want to have to spend more money fixing the place up.

2.     Support throughout the purchasing phase

When you buy new, you are buying from the developer. When you don’t buy new, you are buying from the soon to be previous owner. 

Any good developer, like Gold Property, will be there to answer questions and be able to speak to you at length about the construction and layout of the property, as well as the dimensions of each room and details of any pre-installed products like built-in ovens and dishwashers.

While many homeowners may be forthcoming with information about their property, some will simply not know the answers to detailed questions that a new-build developer would.

3.     Lower running costs

With Government regulation and improvements in technology, a new-build property will be more energy efficient and will comply more rigorously with new legislation, saving you money in the long-run and avoiding the pitfalls of the unknown. 

4.     Put your stamp on it for less

An existing home will have the previous owners stamp on it - their wallpaper, their carpet choice, their wall colour. This creates additional costs for first-time buyers as you will need to rip up and remove the old and replace with new fixtures and fittings.

New-build properties often come with neutral colours allowing you to purchase or use existing furniture without it looking out of place. In some case, if you are purchasing far enough down the line, you can often ask for certain carpet and wall colours to be in place before you move in. 

5.     Aftercare

Once you’ve purchased an existing property, you are left to pick up the pieces left by the previous owner. With new builds, that doesn’t (at least it shouldn’t!) happen. Any good new-build property developer will be on hand post-completion to help with any snags or queries you may have. You will also be backed by an NHBC 10-year warranty.

“Initially when we talked years ago about saving to buy a house we dismissed the idea of a new build as thought it would not have character or soul and we have completely reversed our opinion on this now. Our house feels very homely and it felt like this very early on. With a new baby we are thrilled there is no maintenance or work to be done. I thought the beautiful paintwork of duck egg blue was just for the show home so was so pleasantly surprised when we arrived to see our house the same.”

As you can see, our new homeowners are thrilled with their new home at our Quiet Waters. If you are a first-time buyer looking to get on the property ladder, you should definitely consider looking at a new-build property.

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