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Understanding what homebuyers really want

Gold Property Developments took the plunge and undertook a new and exciting project. A task that set out to get a much better understanding of our homebuyers desires.

The idea initially sprang at a design meeting when choosing different property layouts. What do our buyers actually WANT and NEED from a new home?

These are some of the questions we were asking ourselves.

Does modern open plan living still work for families or are separate rooms now more desirable again since we are all living differently following the pandemic?

Are people more likely to need offices to work from home, over previously favouring utility rooms in smaller units where space is less abundant as a choice needs to be made between the two?

How many people are now driving electric and hybrid cars?

Are electrical charging points a must for each home?

After due consideration we came up with 10 key questions to ask interested parties.
The survey was advertised on Golds Website, some of the development Microsites, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter; in order to entice as many entries as possible. A £250 voucher prize was also offered to one lucky winner which we picked at random.

The majority of entries were from Homeowners aged 30-49 which is a brilliant audience for us, as a lot of our previous purchasers fall into this age bracket.

There was a great amount of interest in the survey and the results were very insightful and have been analysed by the team to make better educated decisions when #BuildingTheHomesYouLove.

“The Homebuyers Survey we created was a brilliant exercise, it has allowed us valuable insight into the minds of our buyers and will help us to make more informed decisions going forward when designing our next developments. As a small family owned developer we truly care about our craft. We are not just building a product for consumers but building peoples forever homes. We want to create a home that people can fall in love with and call their sanctuary. Whats more important then that?” Georgina Lock – Marketing Manager

‘Thanks so much for my voucher. I can’t believe I am the winner, I really wasn’t expecting it as I have never won anything before. I’m absolutely over the moon!’ 
Amelia Griggs – Survey Winner

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