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What is a Passive House

The term Passive house refers to a low-energy construction standard.

A Passive House Home will save its new owners on energy bills, help reduce carbon emissions and support a more sustainable way of life. This is through eco conscious design such as high performance triple glazing, 40% more insulation than a traditional build and low air leakage rates. The introduction of Mechanical ventilation (MVHR) provides excellent indoor air quality which stabilises the CO2 levels for more comfortable living, improving health, alertness and energy levels.

The Passive house standard is geared towards the implementation of air source heat pumps that help to reduce the amount of energy used for heating and direct hot water using heat energy from the ambient air, which is a free and renewable energy source resulting in lower cost bills. The thick and heavily insulated walls along with triple glazed windows and integral Passive house requirement for airtightness all help mitigate the impact of noise and heat loss.

Each of the eight detached and six link detached homes are orientated in a north – southerly direction to maximise solar gain (radiation from the sun that heats the building) in accordance to the strict Passive House requirements.

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